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Jan Jacobs, Psy.D.
Certified Life Coach

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Over the last twenty years I have helped hundreds of people make significant, lasting changes in their lives. Through LifeCraft, I bring that experience to coaching. As a

personal, professional and relationship Coach, I join with my clients to help them develop

their focus, creativity and insight, to create lives that are meaningful and satisfying in

ways they had never before imagined.

Are You Ready For Change?

Most people experience periods in their lives when they feel stuck, or even a bit lost.  It may be when they are in transition, professionally or personally.  It may be when a dream has been set aside, or a calling ignored for too long.  These are the times when seeking the assistance of a Coach can be of tremendous value.

You can create a personal life, a professional life, or a relationship that takes you where you want to go, that expresses and honors your values and priorities. You can live a life of balance, joy, clarity and purpose. If you really want more for your life, I can help you make it happen.  I am passionate about my work as Coach, and about the positive impact my clients experience from our partnership.

"I believe that the movement I have made in determining and achieving some of my goals is in large measure due to Jan's wonderful coaching ability." C.G. Toronto, Canada

Coaching Is For You When

  • You're in a career transition, or want to be, and you want to find work that helps you be more of who you are, and supports you in achieving your potential.
  • You're in a life transition, and want to move forward with intention and a sense of potential and possibility.
  • You want to create a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.
  • You want to develop a clearer sense of purpose, and bring your work, your relationships, and your actions into greater alignment with your values.

Coaching Is For Your Employee When

  • You want to increase his personal impact to improve business results.
  • You want her to develop the skills and abilities to exceed customer expectations.
  • You want him to meet challenges and create balance in his life so he can develop his full potential.
  • You value her as an integral member of the team who has an influence on co-workers, direct reports, and the financial goals of your business.
  • Your organization is undergoing significant change, and you want a smoother, more productive transition.

Coaching Is For You and Your Life Partner When

  • Though satisfied with your relationship, you feel you are coasting and want to experience a deeper, more profound level of intimacy and connection.
  • You are engaged to be married or remarried and want to actively develop a mutual, clear vision of your future together.
  • You and your partner have embarked on a spiritual journey and want to re-examine your relationship in the light of your spiritual development. 
  • You've reached a special milestone and you want to give yourselves a tremendous, life-enhancing gift!

      As Your Coach, I will help you

  • Craft a vision of exactly how you want to live your life
  • Move forward with the specific steps you need to take to live that vision
  • Conquer the internal and external obstacles that may lie in your path and
  • Make the changes that will bring you to the life you dreamed!

With coaching, you can reach your goals more quickly and easily, and have a lot more fun getting there!

You can contact me at or by calling (541) 488-2262. 



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